I'm Danilo Campos,

at your service as developer, product designer and DX freelancer. I've spent two decades imagining, designing, coding and shipping technology. I'm committed to dreams of an optimistic future. Hi there.

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Notable adventures

  • Design, development. Custom IoT heat pump controller written in C++ with custom, 3D-printable case.

  • Design, development, content. Blog built in SvelteKit.

  • Greasemonkey. Restored an aging iMac to showroom finish.

  • Design, development. Native macOS app for organizing 1:1 meetings.

  • Development, engineering project management. Liberated a non-profit from a predatory vendor relationship.

  • Content, DX, teaching. Developed and delivered internet and programming curriculum for public housing residents.

  • Development, DX. Built an interactive, API-based entrance challenge for tech equity org Code2040.

  • Design, development, engineering management. Built and shipped a 1.0 money management product.

  • Design, development, engineering management. Adapted a beloved travel search product for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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