Danilo Campos is a software engineer, interaction designer and technology educator.

He grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the age of seven, Danilo fell in love with computing and the Macintosh SE. His childhood was spent studying the user interfaces of everything piece of software he could get his hands on. Despite a dialup connection, this proved to be a lot of apps.

He began his career entirely by accident, paying real-life rent by selling customizable avatars in the massive online platform Second Life. At the dawn of the mobile revolution, Danilo taught himself iPhone development out of books written for Mac developers, since no iPhone-specific resources existed yet. Striking out on his own as an independent iPhone app developer, Danilo was quickly scooped up by the burgeoning tech bubble.

After stints at Silicon Valley startups including OpenFeint, Hipmunk, Level Money, Future Advisor, and GitHub, Danilo reached burnout with the venture casino. These days, he works as an independent consultant building ethical technology and teaching 21st century skills far from California.

Danilo enjoys exploration outdoors and crafting meals and science fiction artifacts indoors.


Danilo's best work is at the intersection of engineering, interfaces and product design. He's also a passionate educator on technology skills and the promise of the 21st century.

He founded the mobile engineering team at Hipmunk, a travel search startup, in 2010. As team lead, he was responsible for translating Hipmunk's design-centric product philosophy into mobile contexts for iPhone, iPad and Android. Hipmunk was featured on the front page of the App Store multiple times, and featured in Apple Stores across the US on in-store demo devices.

As iOS platform lead at Level Money in 2012, Danilo built everything from prototypes through the 1.0 product of a novel money management product targeting millennials. Level's 1.0 launched at the front page of the App Store, featured as Editor's Choice.

Danilo stepped in as a consulting engineering manager for FutureAdvisor in 2014, as the retirement investing startup worked to launch its first mobile products. Leading a team of six, he worked with engineers new to iOS to develop their skills with Apple's myriad APIs and launch a product the organization was proud of.

By 2015, Danilo joined open source juggernaut GitHub and their newly formed Social Impact group. He served as a technical liaison to the Department of Housing and Urban Development's ConnectHome project, a public-private initiative to bring internet access and digital literacy training to low-income households. Danilo also advised on inclusive hiring and retention practices, working with leadership across departments and organizations across the industry.

Today, Danilo works as an independent consultant building ethical technology and teaching 21st century skills. His latest project, Tallymander, is a data gathering and analysis tool for iOS. He hosts a podcast dedicated to imagining a future we want to live in, called Adventure to a Better World.