I'm Danilo Campos,

your fixer from the future. I design and build technology, solve problems and provide clarity. I've spent decades imagining, coding and shipping digital products. I'm committed to a better, more empowered future for both you and me. Hi there.

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Notable adventures

  • Design, development. Custom IoT heat pump controller written in C++ with custom, 3D-printable case.

  • Design, development, content. Blog built in SvelteKit.

  • Greasemonkey. Restored an aging iMac to showroom finish.

  • Design, development. Native macOS app for organizing 1:1 meetings.

  • Development, engineering project management. Liberated a non-profit from a predatory vendor relationship.

  • Content, DX, teaching. Developed and delivered internet and programming curriculum for public housing residents.

  • Development, DX. Built an interactive, API-based entrance challenge for tech equity org Code2040.

  • Design, development, engineering management. Built and shipped a 1.0 money management product.

  • Design, development, engineering management. Adapted a beloved travel search product for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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