I’m Danilo. I was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in New Mexico. I taught myself to use a Macintosh SE at age 7, studying the interfaces of every piece of software I could find throughout my childhood.

During college, I taught myself programming through the 3D social platform Second Life. For awhile, I was able to pay my real-world rent by selling virtual goods. Later, I taught myself iPhone development, quitting my job during the financial crisis to cultivate a career in software.

After stints leading mobile software projects at Hipmunk and Level Money, I transitioned to freelance work before becoming Technical Director for Social Impact at GitHub. Today I’m Principal at Future Fluent, where I help companies and individuals accomplish their technology goals.


CodeNewbie Podcast: Internet for all (2016)

We talk to Danilo about the importance of the ConnectHome project, how he navigated his own coding journey, and how he wish he knew sooner that programming wasn’t something that other people did, and that he could do it too.

San Francisco Chronicle: GitHub programmer’s path: public housing to key role in diversity (2015)

Danilo Campos spent the first few years of his life in public housing, an unusual start among tech workers. That perspective has given the self-taught programmer at San Francisco’s GitHub a rare insight that’s helping shape a new federal program that could diversify the tech industry. […]

Over the past months, Campos has been sharing his story from the White House to an American Indian reservation in Oklahoma. While 90 percent of the households of college-educated Americans have broadband access, roughly half of of other households do.

Washington Post: Twitter vows to “improve our policies” after Robin Williams’ daughter is bullied off the network (2014)

[Twitter filter Block Together] was created by Electronic Frontier Foundation technologist Jacob Hoffman-Andrews after he read a blog post by iOS developer Danilo Campos calling on Twitter to add many of those features.

Tech Crunch: Inside Jobs Video Interview (2014)

When you talk to Campos, the main thing that comes through is his passion for what he does. In fact, he’s so passionate about it that he was dangerously close to becoming bankrupt on the way to pursuing mobile design as a career — in a lot of ways, his work is something that he’s fought for.

KQED Forum: Improving Diversity at Tech Companies (2014)

Daring Fireball: Hipmunk Flight Search iPhone App (2011)

…their custom date picker is simply brilliant. Hipmunk has a good web interface too, but it has nothing on the iPhone interface. This is why native apps matter.

Launch Conference: Introducing Hipmunk for iPhone (2011)